Bear Mountain 50 Miler – Week Twelve Training Recap

Here we are, at week 12, with absolutely no sign that week 11 happened. But it did! and I wrote Hale 6 Hour Race Report instead of a normal training recap. Sure, I could do both, but I am already running 70+ miles a week, so that seemed like a bit too much work. Sadly, I am still recovering from my cold, so while I have been hitting my desired mileage, the quality is not quite what I was hoping. This was especially evident during my tempo run when I was significantly under my target pace. I am certain that some of it has to do with fatigue coming off of the 6 hour, but the struggle felt more like a cause of respiratory issues than tired legs.

Beyond logging as many miles as I physically can, training for Bear Mountain (and on the long-term, Vermont) has started to get a tad monotonous. I don’t think it is because of boredom with running, but rather boredom where I am running. Long Beach, CA is completely devoid of interesting places to run. Maybe I am not running in the right places, but everything that is convenient to me is a flat path, with few other runners. It makes training incredibly difficult just from how similar all my runs are starting to feel. I suppose on the bright side, it will make sure I am mentally prepared for boredom.

Quick Recap:

Monday I ran a 5K just to shakeout some of the soreness lingering from the 50K on Saturday. I ran this nice and easy after a long travel day.

Tuesday I ran an easy 10 miles after work. Those 10 miles were probably my most miserable workout of 2016 so far. Running east along the beach I had a marvelous tailwind, but the return journey I had winds gusting so hard that they were whipping sand into my face. By the time I got back to my hotel, I was spitting out sand.

Wednesday was the aforementioned tempo run day. I just felt off. Really hoping to kick this cold soon.

Thursday I did another easy day. I did 12 miles which brought me from Long Beach to Seal Beach. Across 12 miles I probably saw 3 runners and 4 other pedestrians. Seriously boring!

Friday I was thankfully back in Boston! Feeling a tad better than earlier in the week, I ran 7 uptempo miles from our apartment to Newton and back. Nothing crazy, but felt good to be moving well. It was a bit hot and humid, which made me sweat bullets. Good to know what I have to look forward to this summer.

Saturday was a cold, wet slog with the Heartbreak Hill Running Co. 20 miles in nonstop rain. Soaked to the bone. Cold. And dear god, the chafing. Thankfully I had my TBC/November Project friends Molly and Scott to be miserable with. Not happy about the conditions, but really happy I got it done.

Sunday I ran with TBC companions Kate and Alice for 15 laid back miles. Besides some crazy wind, we had a great time trotting around Boston. It was Kate’s time running around Fresh Pond! Really happy to have the company since the weather was far from ideal.

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