Bear Mountain 50k Training – Week 15

This week didn’t go according to plan, but I’m thankful it was a taper week so I don’t feel too guilty! I’ve been having pain in my right middle toe for a few weeks – the same toe that lost its nail after the Marine Corps Marathon. It finally finished growing back about 2 weeks ago, and ever since, my toe has been bothering me. I was going to put off going to the doctor until after Bear Mountain, since I was pretty sure it was an ingrown toenail and would require some sort of procedure to fix, but I went to the doctor last Wednesday anyways. I figured they’d refer me to a podiatrist and I’d have to wait a few weeks for an appointment anyways.

My doctor took one look at my toe and did exactly what I thought she would – sent me to a podiatrist. I went to the front desk to make the appointment and was given two options for an appointment – 2 days from then, or in late June. I was not about to be suffering on every run from now until June, so I sucked it up and went to my appointment on Friday. 

The podiatrist confirmed it was an ingrown nail and suggested a procedure where she would numb my toe, then cut off a sliver of my toenail on the side that was ingrown. I explained that I had a race the following day as well as the big one next week, and though she said I could wait, she thought I would have no problem running next weekend if she did the procedure that day. So, I got the procedure done Friday morning! I ended up not running the TARC Half Marathon, which I was bummed about but decided later it was the right call. While my toe was only a little sore, there was rain in the forecast, and the last thing I wanted was to get my toe infected from running in the mud for 2 hours!

Goose was very concerned – even though he’s in a cone from being neutered!

I did my 6 milers on Wednesday and Thursday, but ended up resting Friday and Saturday so I missed a lot of miles. Matt and I did a nice 4 miler on Sunday, and my toe already felt better than it did before the procedure. I’m very glad I got it taken care of so Bear Mountain will be pain free – at least in the toe department.

This next week is my very last week of training! Just a few short mileage days and I’ll be ready to go. I can’t wait – I feel strong and ready to take on Bear Mountain.

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