Bear Mountain 50 Miler – Week Nine Training Recap

Another week down, and another week closer to my first race of 2016! This week I got to run a bit around downtown Long Beach right along the ocean. While it is definitely nice to be in warm weather with the ocean breeze, the monotony of everything being the same (flat, sunny, no turns) is absolutely destroying me! I think I am still getting enough specific training for Bear Mountain since I have been getting on the trails more, but it is so difficult to stay motivated when every run is the same. Sure, I could try my luck at driving somewhere to run before or after work, but the logistics of that just make it unappealing. So, for now, I deal with the monotony.


I started off the week with 13 miles along the shore. My pace fluctuated more than I wanted on this run, but I was struggling with some stomach issues that just made me feel crappy. Happy I got it done, but not my best.

Wednesday I had an interval workout. To spice things up, I ran along the LA river (another flat, straight bike path) before heading back towards the shoreline. I was running 1 kilometer intervals with 3 mins rest in between. Even though this workout was brutal, I really feel like I nailed each interval.

Thursday I ran some easy miles around downtown Long Beach and then around the shore. Nothing special, just more miles!

On Friday, back in Boston, I ran 8 miles with Colleen before we met up with some friends for dinner. Colleen has been dealing with a myriad of issues. She threw out her back one week and then the very next week got a nasty respiratory bug! I know it is discouraging to have such a blow to training, but she has been really smart dealing with all of it and I am super proud!

Colleen trail
Colleen Trail Running in Middlesex Fells

Saturday, Colleen and I hit the trails to do our long run together. Colleen cut back a little bit due to her cough, but it was still amazing to get out in the amazing spring weather. Even though trails take longer, it always fly by. I wound up running 19 on various trails in Middlesex Fells.

Sunday I made it to my first “1/2 on the 1/2” with local running apparel company Tracksmith. My buddy Seth was running it too and we agreed on 8 min/mile. Don’t know what happened to that agreement, because we ended up at about 7:40/mile, but warm weather and good company is bound to make stuff like that happen.

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