Bear Mountain 50k Training – Week 8

Well, I threw out my back this past week, so a lot of my runs were ruined. My week started out with a nice easy run on the esplanade where I called my family during their dinner and chatted with them during my run – it was lovely!

Wednesday I had to do 7 miles, but as I was crossing over the BU bridge the wind picked up and blew my favorite hat into the Charles River. I was only 5 miles in, and I ran straight home out of anger, with my hair whipping in every direction thanks to my hat being gone. Plus, it was 50 and beautiful when I started my run, and it was extremely windy and very cold when I ended. Later that night, I threw out my back at work. I could barely move the rest of the week, so I missed my Thursday and Friday runs.

Saturday was supposed to be my long run of 18 miles, but I still felt pretty sore so I did 4.5 on the elliptical. Sunday, I was finally feeling up for a run so I planned on running 10 with Matt, but around mile 5 my back started to get a little twinge in it, so I ran home and ended up running 7.5 miles.

Overall the week was a huge disappointment and very frustrating. I know these things happen, but it is definitely disheartening to see these things happening to me while my robot boyfriend runs over 70 miles in a week no problem. Combine my running week with the first with that Matt was out of town for work, and you can see why I ate a lot of ice cream cake to get me through it. Week 9 so far has not been much better, but I’m sure I will pull myself out of this rut and get back into it soon.

Lastly, this past week I was chosen as a finalist in a little competition Salomon Running was having. The idea was people submitted haiku’s about trail running and then Salomon would choose a winner. They couldn’t decide, so I was one of 7 finalists chosen and whoever had the most likes on Twitter and Facebook would win! If you win? You get to join in the Hut Run Hut 100-mile 6-day run through the Rockies this summer! My haiku was:

I like trail running
It keeps me from getting fat
I can eat more food

Obviously a joke catered to the fact that pretty much every trail runner I know is obsessed with food, right? Well, I was shamed via Facebook by a fellow November Project member about how my post was hateful and “fat phobic”. After she posted more than one post on my entries, I have asked Salomon to take my post down and take me out of the running of the competition. I hope all of our blog readers know that I did not mean to offend anyone and was just putting a little humor into the world. I apologize if any of you are or were offended by my words. The goal of any social media post I have about running is to motivate myself to better myself as a runner in any way I see fit. Yes, I run to stay fit and thin, because that’s how I feel comfortable in my body. I do not wish to make anyone feel like they are less than worthy because they are different than me in any way. Everyone should find their own motivation and work on themselves in any way they see fit.

Hoping the rest of week 9 gets better – excited to be halfway done with training at least!

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