Bear Mountain 50 Miler – Week One Training Recap

Training has started for my spring goal race! On April 30th, I will give my second 50 miler a shot at The North Face Endurance Challenge Bear Mountain down in New York. Having run the relay at Bear Mountain last year, I know that I am going to be in for a tough time, but I am incredibly excited. After several months of running without a set plan or goal, it feels great to be back with a focused schedule.

Perhaps more exciting than the start of training for the 50 Miler is that I am now officially registered for the Vermont 100 Miler! I am beyond anxious, but really excited to see what my body can do at that distance. Preparing for that race in July, I want to make sure I use the blog as an outlet for reflection and improvement. So, I will try to be doing detailed recaps and weekly goal setting here.

Now the recap. The week for me started like most weeks do with a 10 or so miler with The Breakfast Club (TBC). I love having such a consistent group of crazy people who are up to run at 6 AM. Having the run 2 miles from my apartment is great because it makes Tuesdays and easy day to start out with some high mileage. Even with the numbing cold, the run went well and I felt comfortable and well rested for the start of my training.

Wednesday had me running 6 miles late at night due to some long days at work. Normally, I don’t really mind running late or alone, but I was chilled to the bone on this run and felt like I was on the verge of frostbite. I was so thankful for this run to be over. This winter has been relatively tame so I have been having trouble dialing in what feels comfortable to wear at different temperatures. Hopefully I figure it out before spring rolls around.

Thursday had another TBC run with a crushing pace on the hilliest route we run. Besides feeling the normal burn of a hard run, my stomach felt so-so and the long working hours were taking their toll. I managed to hold on, but I felt pretty miserable. My training plan called for some miles on-top of the 6 miles that TBC always runs, so I had to make due on my own and add an extra mile and a half.

Friday was a casual, easy and uneventful run along the Charles river that left me feeling extremely well rested going into my long run on Saturday. On Saturday I ran a hilly 15 miles pushing the pace. I decided to go without Gu or Water and just enjoy the run in the cool weather. I was lucky to get out after the rain had stopped and I felt amazing. I was able to push on every uphill and fly downhill at a pace I haven’t really felt comfortable with since I ran Chicago in 2014. I guess that time not training really was worth it!

Sunday was a casual run with Colleen that was just a great way to cap off a fantastic start to the training week. I cannot wait to keep going along until April and the rest of 2016.

In terms of goals, I really want to add two core workouts a week plus what I am calling “Hike Night” where I hit the treadmill at max incline and just walk for as long and fast as I can. I am starting off with some easy goals that I think I can realistically hit so I don’t get discouraged. With that, wish me luck with the rest of the year!



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