Matt’s 2016 Season – Going for 100

After 2 months of waiting, yesterday I got the news I would not be running Western States in 2016. All that means is that I get to qualify again and run a 100 mile race that all my friends can be at! Instead of running Western as my first 100, I will be running the Vermont 100. Below is my planned race calendar for the first half of 2016:

  1. TARC Hale and Back 6 Hour – March 26th
  2. TARC Spring Classic Half Marathon – April 23rd
  3. North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Miler – April 30th
  4. Pineland Farms 50K/50 Miler – May 29th
  5. Vermont 100 Miler – July 16th

Hopefully all of these will go smoothly and be a nice solid ramp to 100 miles in the middle of the summer. Ideally, if everything goes well I will spend the fall looking to get point for both UTMB and a Hardrock qualifier. But that’s a bit too far into the future to decide. Hopefully I’ll see a bunch of you out there!

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