Bear Mountain 50 Miler – Week Seven Training Recap

For the first time ever, I am writing a blog post from Long Beach, CA! It certainly won’t be the last time though. This week, I started a project for work out here in sunny California. While I am super excited for the warm weather, I am quickly realizing that the greater LA area is very flat around town. Sure, I would love to head to the mountains and get some trail running in, but I don’t know how realistic that will be on a consultant’s schedule.

Looking back on week seven, I would say I had a very solid week! Colleen ran her first Tuesday morning Breakfast Club (I think). In terms of general running, I am definitely starting to feel stronger and faster. I can feel my endurance building each week and my confidence for Bear Mountain is growing.

Oh snap, Recap!

Like I mentioned before, Colleen came to her first Tuesday TBC workout! We ran the 6 miles to and around Jamaica Pond together. It was great to be up early together and get a great training run in.

Wednesday, it was raining. And I had to wake up early to get in way too many hill repeats. After some warm up miles, I sprinted up and down Summit Ave in Brookline for what felt like an eternity. The worst part about this run was that I needed to log another 4 to 5 miles AFTER the hills. My legs were completely dead, but somehow I got it done, soaking wet.

Thursday was all about the wind.Colleen and I did an easy run that evening after snoozing through our alarms in the morning. Even though the pace was tame, nothing about the run felt easy with the wind whipping like crazy. We were miserable, but we got it done.

Friday I ran a 10 mile route that I haven’t run since the summer! I love the route from my apartment up into Newton, so it was really great to get back out there, and set a new PR for the course itself. From Friday on, we had great weather in Boston, so hopefully no more cold, wet runs!

Saturday, Colleen and I snoozed again! But we deserved it, because it was our three year anniversary! We were planning on going to Heartbreak Hill Running Company and joining in on their long run, but instead I waited until the afternoon. When I finally hit the pavement, I felt great. I wanted to push myself on this run so I dropped the pace to around 7:00/mile and just went for it. I tried hard to hold on for the full 21 miles, but I couldn’t. Still averaging 7:15 pace for a long run isn’t too shabby!

Sunday, I wrapped up the week joining Colleen for 10 miles in absolutely fantastic weather. We took every second we could to spend time together before the work travel started again!

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