Bear Mountain 50 Miler – Week Five Training Recap

Onto the second month of training, almost 400 miles run in 2016, and Bear Mountain is 1 week closer. The fifth week of my training plan is definitely one of the toughest, but I felt a surge in energy this week after last week’s lull. A couple of hard workouts, a cold long run, and some treadmill miles made it a particularly intense week, but I came through it feeling stronger. I am starting to feel faster and I am gaining confidence on the way to race day. I have to take some time to call out how supportive everyone has been this training cycle. Colleen has been absolutely killing it with her training and has been extremely supportive. Friends have come out for training runs or shown their support in ways I could not even imagine.

Recap Time!

Tuesday meant I was Fartleking all over town. After a snowstorm that left Boston with a couple of inches, I was really grateful for New Balance to support blowing the paths along the river. I had clear pavement, completely ice-free that allowed me to have an awesome workout.

Wednesday was an easy run to recover before the next workout and long run on the weekend. I made my way to Harvard Stadium to finally get around to picking up me and Colleen’s NP buff. I ran with John for a bunch of this run, chatting about business school and upcoming race plans, which was a great way to pass the time.

Thursday was tempo interval day. I tried to wake up early to get the run out of the way early, but as soon as I tried to get out of bed to run with TBC, my body told me I needed more sleep. Coming off a tired week, I am trying my best to listen to my body. When I got to running that afternoon, I had a 2 mile warm up before dropping 3×12 minute intervals at tempo pace. I was able to keep each interval at right around 6:50 pace despite some hills and strong headwinds. I was really happy to feel great and have some consistent splits.

Friday Colleen and I went out for a freezing recovery run that we bitched about the entire time. Compared to last winter, I am not really sure it was that bad, but we were big ol’ babies that didn’t want to run at all. We essentially spent an hour talking about how we didn’t want to run for two hours on Saturday.

But on Saturday we were out at Heartbreak Hill Running Company again for their weekly long run. Switching things up a bit, we ran an out-and-back of the Boston marathon route. Needing to log 20 miles, I made it all the way out to Natick before turning around. After a great 10K with Molly, I picked up the pace a bit and ran 7:20 miles for 14 miles or so. Needless to say, it was a great run.

Sunday, it was cold. I ran on the treadmill. It was awful. The end.

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