Bear Mountain 50 Miler – Week Three Training Recap

Week three is in the books! Besides marching a bit closer to Bear Mountain, I also got to sign up for Seven Sisters with Colleen and a few other NP folks! Super excited to take on a classic Massachusetts race.

With my sights still set on a 50 miler, I am still moving forward upping my mileage gradually, while still focusing on quality training. I am definitely starting to feel some tiredness in my legs and some sluggishness I have to shake off on some runs, but it comes with the territory! I have been doing all my hard runs on hilly routes to start acclimating to the up-and-down nature of all the races this spring and summer.  I still haven’t given my core the work it deserves, but hopefully with my badass friend Erica coordinating deck workouts every day it should get a bit easier!

Recap time!

Tuesday followed the trend of running with TBC! We ran a fan-favorite, “Harry’s Route” and we sure ran it fast! After a warm-up and the 6 mile loop it self, I ran home with the aforementioned Harry at a brisk but comfortable pace to finish off an awesome 10 miler to start the week.

Wednesday followed the trend of late night workouts. I hit the pavement around 8:30, with the goal to do two intervals of 2 miles at 10K effort. For a little extra punishment I ran out to the Newton hills and kicked it. I kept both intervals at a 6:50 split which felt brutal and amazing at all the same time.

Thursday was another amazing recovery run with Colleen. We ran around Boston and Brookline at a nice pace and talked about how refreshing it is to have these kind of runs together. Social and work obligations can get stressful, so having time set aside to just do something we love together is incredibly relaxing.

Friday I ran a quick 10K over lunch around my normal BC loop, keeping the pace comfortably speedy.

Before I knew it it was Saturday again, and that meant another long run with Heartbreak Hill Running Co. Even though I have only gone for two weeks, these runs have been a fantastic opportunity to run, meet new people, and get some helpful advice from some badass runners. Colleen came and ran the 12 mile loop and I ran with Kristen to get 18 miles in. We kept an incredibly steady pace over the rolling hills, both agreeing that we were hungry, tired, and really thirsty for the last 5K or so. I was really happy to have company for 18 miles as it decreases effort exponentially.

Finally, on Sunday I ran another amazing run with Colleen in some of the best January weather I have ever experienced. Spring cannot come soon enough!

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